Critical Illness

If you have a heart attack, stroke, or cancer, would you rather get a Get Well card or get a check for $50,000?

Every 29 seconds someone in the US is having a coronary event.

Every 24 seconds someone in the US is diagnosed with cancer.

Every 45 seconds someone in the US is having a stroke.



Life Insurance rates continue to fall because people are living longer due to the advantages of modern medicine.  People now survive the same cancer, heart attacks, and strokes that would of killed them 25 years ago.

Critical Illness coverage is now being successfully marketed in more than 55 countries around the world.  The reason it has been so successful has to do with the fact that the chances of premature death are significantly less than 25 years ago.  The financial impact of cancer and other critical illnesses has increased along with the survival rate.  Have you changed your coverage to take this in to account?